As the largest fast-food chain in both Malaysia and Brunei, KFC is committed to serve only Finger Lickin' Good food. Through a series of stringent food safety procedures, we provide customers with high quality products including our Original Recipe® fried chicken with 11 secret herbs and spices.


Our quality control begins from the supply of all the raw materials. An annual supplier audit is conducted by an international third party auditing company appointed by YUM. Audits are also carried out by a team of food technologists from the KFC Quality Assurance Department to ensure food safety, quality systems, packaging facility, distribution and transportation.

Temperature & Shelf-Life Control

Our products are cooked at high temperatures, well above the minimum set by World Health Organization (WHO), in line with our strict temperature and shelf-life control, to ensure that food served are safe and fresh.

Product Handling

Stringent procedures are implemented to minimize risk of cross-contamination between raw and ready-to-eat products.

Nutrition & Health Assurance

Nutritional information of KFC products are provided to assist customers to plan a wholesome and balanced meal. 100% cholesterol free non-hydrogenated palm oil are used to fry all products.

New Flavors & Concepts

A team of food technologists constantly experiments with new flavors and concepts to provide more value, and healthy options for our customers.

Supplier Quality

We constantly monitor our suppliers' performances through submission of quality reports that are reviewed by our regional franchisor.

  • Quarterly QA evaluations are also conducted by our food technologists on our in-house suppliers.
  • Our chicken suppliers are closely monitored by the Department of Veterinary Service and chickens from KFC poultries are slaughtered by State Islamic Department certified personnel to ensure that Halal procedures are met. Read more on our Halal Policy.

Restaurant Quality

Every KFC restaurant throughout Malaysia and Brunei are audited three times a year by our team of QA executives based on the main attributes for KFC restaurant excellence - CHAMPS.

  • C - Cleanliness
  • H - Hospitality
  • A - Accuracy
  • M - Maintenance
  • P - Product Quality
  • S - Speed of Service

This YUM-owned audit program covers all aspects of CHAMPS such as cleanliness and maintenance, sanitation and personal hygiene as well as product quality. It also takes into account the speed of service, hospitality, personal safety, training and documentation.

All KFC restaurants are audited twice a year by YUM-appointed auditors from international firms to focus on food safety practices.

To gather direct feedback from customers, an online survey program is used. Here, customers can rate and comment on the cleanliness, staff friendliness, speed of service, order accuracy, food taste and overall satisfaction. The results from both internal and external audits, as well as customer surveys will then be used to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a management system that includes identifying, evaluating and controlling physical, biological and chemical hazards to ensure food safety. KFC KLCC is the first restaurant to have been audited and certified in HACCP by a reputable certification body, since 2005. The Critical Control Points (CCPs), good practices and checklists are then incorporated into our Daily Operations Checklist which is used by the rest of KFC restaurants in the country.


A specific daily operations standard is implemented for sanitation of equipment and utensils to ensure food preparation is free from dangerous germs. Only food-safe equipments and easy-to-clean utensils are used during food preparation.

Every employee working in the restaurants are required to attend the Food Handlers Course for training and certification as required by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Restaurant teams are also vaccinated against typhoid upon employment and again once every three years.

Adequate handwash facilities are provided and strict handwashing procedures are implemented to ensure cleanliness. No bare hands policy is also implemented, where single-use disposable gloves, sanitized scoops or tongs are required when handling ready-to-eat products.


Monthly professional inspections and treatments are scheduled in every restaurant by engaging reputable pest control companies to ensure cleanliness of our restaurants.

  • Periodic trend reports of pest activity will be presented by pest control companies to the management for corrective actions and remedy.
  • All pesticides are approved by Pesticide Board and Material Safety Data Sheets are filed for emergencies.

Additional actions are taken based on daily monitoring done by the restaurant teams including passive measures such as pest proofing, installation of flycatchers, plus ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance.