Tastebud Adventures With The New KFC Bangkok Green Curry Chicken Meals & Zinger Green Curry Burger

Kuala Lumpur, 11 August 2014 - KFC Malaysia is taking its fans on a tasty travel adventure to Thailand with their latest offering, the new KFC Tasty Travels featuring two items on the menu: KFC Bangkok Green Curry Chicken Meals and Zinger Green Curry Burger. With the tagline “Savour The Authentic Taste of Bangkok”, you don’t need to be there to taste the authentic flavours of Thailand!

These two delectable products are the first to kick start KFC’s new Tasty Travel Series on the 11th of August 2014, nationwide. The Tasty Travel Series will cover different types of meals from various countries, so fans can expect new and exciting KFC interpretations of international cuisine from around the world during the duration of this promotion.

The KFC Bangkok Green Curry is KFC’s rendition of the delicious authentic Thai green curry which is made with a sultry blend of spices, chillies, garlic, onions, ginger, galangal, and coconut milk.

Originally created by KFC Thailand, this delectable green curry gravy is served with KFC’s all-time favourite Hot & Spicy chicken, along with hot steamy white rice and signature sides. For that extra satisfaction, the green curry for the KFC Bangkok Green Curry Chicken Meals are also added with delicious green peas.

The Zinger Green Curry Burger is KFC’s famous spicy Zinger fillet topped with green curry sauce and diced onion. What’s special about this burger is the fact that KFC Malaysia is the first in the world to launch the Zinger Green Curry Burger.

“Green curry is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand, famous for its exotic herbs and spices. The spicy and creamy taste perfectly complements KFC’s succulent Hot & Spicy fried chicken, as well as the spicy Zinger fillet. This great combination makes for a scrumptious treat that will surely please your appetite and take your taste buds on a little journey to Thailand!”, said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia.

“KFC Tasty Travel Series is a new platform to introduce different KFC recipes from around the world. We would like to take our customers on a gastronomical trip across the globe without them having to leave the country”, she added.

The KFC Bangkok Green Curry Chicken Meals are available in several combo options. Combo A includes two pieces of chicken, green curry, white rice, coleslaw served with carbonated drink, all for the price of RM11.95. Combo B includes three pieces of chicken, green curry, white rice, and carbonated drink all for the price of RM14.30. The Green Curry Feast A, fit for a group of four to five, includes nine pieces of chicken, three white rice, three green curry, three coleslaw, and four regular carbonated drinks for an affordable price of RM39.90, only RM8.00 per pax! The Green Curry Feast B includes 15 pieces of chicken, four white rice, one large whipped potato, one large Cheezy Wedges, three green curry, and a bottle of Pepsi all for the price of RM69.90. The green curry is also available as an add on for just RM1.90.

The Zinger Green Curry Burger is available À La Carte at RM7.75 and in combo, which includes one regular carbonated drink and three pieces of potato waffles for RM9.95. There is also a Hotbox version that includes one regular carbonated drink, three pieces of potato waffles and one piece of chicken all for RM12.95 (all prices may vary by location and are subject to 6% Government tax).

The advertising and promotional strategy for this promotion includes TV, radio, and newspaper advertising, online digital media, outdoor and point-of-sales materials for a wider reach to customers. The KFC Bangkok Green Curry Chicken Meals & Zinger Green Curry Burger is now available at all KFC restaurants in the country for a limited time only from 11 August 2014, so don’t miss it!

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